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Welcome to Bikram Neupane Photography.

‘There are no principles for good photographs, only good photographs.’-Bikram Neupane


Hello, Namaste!

I am photographer Bikram Neupane, a professional photographer hailing from the picturesque Godavari Municipality, Lalitpur, Nepal. It is my immense pride to be the first professional photographer to emerge from my birthplace.

My journey into the captivating world of photography began in 2047, when I entered the doors of Jasmin Photo Studio in Thankot. Those were the days when photography was more art than science, and learning the craft was a true challenge. However, photography wasn't just a profession for me; it was a passionate pursuit of my soul and my sole source of living.

My educational journey led me through the corridors of Shanti Nikunja M.V. for S.L.C. and later to Kathmandu Campus in Kathmandu, where I majored in history, Nepali, and culture. Little did I knew that my fascination with history and culture would align perfectly with my photographic endeavors, shaping my future career.

In the year 2057, I officially embarked on my professional journey as a photographer in the form of studio photography. But even before that, since 2048, I had been sporadically capturing the beauty of weddings, nurturing my love for photography despite various demoralizing commitments. I yearned to learn more, and my pursuit led me to devour articles by renowned photographers, peruse numerous magazines, and analyze photographs from talented individuals. The desire to create something exceptional in the realm of photography has always been a driving force within me.

While I may not claim to possess exhaustive knowledge of photography, I have been honored with awards and recognition from various photographic associations. However, the gap in comprehensive photographic knowledge among enthusiasts still resonates with me. To address this, I have taken the initiative to organize a nationwide COVID-19 photo competition through my company. Another competition, known as the "Couple Portrait Photography Competition-2021Award," was a collaborative effort with esteemed photographers from South America, Nepal, and India. It is my sincere belief that initiatives like these can make a significant contribution to the ever-evolving field of photography.

My journey has seen me capture the essence of renowned reality shows like "Dancing Star Nepal," "The Voice of Nepal," and "The Voice of Kids" as their official photographer. Additionally, I had the privilege of working with Dragon Air, a prominent Chinese Airlines company, and serving as the official photographer for "Ghost Writing Nepal," where I had the unique opportunity to photograph distinguished authors and writers, bringing their literary worlds to life.

As I continue my personal journey, my life's goal remains unwavering—to persist in my passion for photography and to contribute to overcoming the challenges in this dynamic field.


Thank you for visiting my website and joining me on this extraordinary photographic voyage. Let's capture the beauty of life, one frame at a time.